Summit Plaza Dental Care is your dental clinic in Bellevue Nebraska
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Welcome to Summit Plaza Dental Care.

About Us

Summit Plaza Dental Care is a hometown dental practice located in Bellevue, Nebraska, devoted to all-encompassing dental care for the entire family. Our practice places an emphasis on excellent service, quality care, and our patients' needs.

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Our Atmosphere

At Summit Plaza Dental Care, we built our office with our patients in mind. By creating a calming atmosphere combined with modern technology, we have made a place where our patients in Bellevue receive the high quality of dental care they need and deserve. From the moment you walk in our office, our team will make you feel comfortable, secure and taken care of. Our cutting-edge practice has the latest equipment so we can offer you the most advanced treatment options.

Our Team

Our team of dental professionals has undergone a series of courses maintaining their education to keep all of us current on the latest dental treatments and premium industry standards. At Summit Plaza Dental Care, we give each patient personal attention to explain procedures, listen to concerns and answer questions.

Our Philosophy

Summit Plaza Dental Care seeks to provide lifelong care to the Bellevue area, because your dental health is integral to your overall health. Our doctrine is to provide care that will be in your best interest now and for many years to come so you have a bright smile that will last your whole life!

Our Services

While focusing on lifelong preventative care in Bellevue, Nebraska, we offer a full range of dental procedures to meet the individual needs and preferences of every patient. From customary cleanings, to complete smile renovations, we offer the latest dental treatments to give our patients the most advanced services available.

Teeth Cleaning

Even if you brush and floss regularly, it’s always good to have a periodical, professional teeth cleaning. A buildup of plaque can happen to anyone, especially in those hard to reach areas in the mouth. A period, professional teeth cleaning, along with practicing daily dental hygiene, with help you maintain great oral health.


Cavities, broken teeth, root canals, and worn down enamel are just a few various factors that can result in needing a crown. Serving as extra protection to the tooth, dental crowns are made of a safe, durable material. Whether you need to get them for cosmetic purposes or in case of extended tooth damage, our dentist can easily evaluate what type of crowns are right for your individual case.


For minor to moderate misalignment, Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign is a clear aligner, created by the orthodontist, that is clear and fitted to your teeth. Our dentist must first determine your eligibility for this treatment and will provide tips on how to keep your aligner in good condition.

Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening

One of our safest teeth whitening procedures is the Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening service. Just like the name implies, the procedure is quick and easy. The whitening process contains a natural peroxide solution that brightens the teeth without causing harm to the enamel.

Emergency Dental Treatments

Whether you are experiencing a toothache, gum discomfort, or lost tooth, we will take care of it. Our office provides emergency dental care to fix dental problems as quickly as possible. Contact our office for more information on the emergency services we offer.

Treatment to Cure Abscesses

When there is pain or irritation in your mouth, it may be due to an infection, such as an abscess. This condition is generally caused by poor dental hygiene and, if not treated promptly, can spread and infect other teeth. If you experience symptoms of abscess, such as swollen gums and pus, contact us as soon as possible.

It’s beneficial to receive professional dental treatment from a dentist in order to maintain excellent oral health. Our office has a wonderful staff who takes great pride in providing dental care and great smiles for our clients. If you’d like to learn more about our services, or interested in scheduling an appointment, call or visit our office today!